Fool’s Gold

When logic now, not before, comes askance

To appease, not the wronged, but the wrong

Then move we tow’rds nature’s grave imbalance

And the law’s constancy sings its swan song

Can night’s sky be in cerulean blue inked?

And day dyed in deep raven feathers’ hue?

So’s shaft and shaft, slit and slit licit-linked

That’ll unveil countless mien sculpt’d askew!

Ah! Malignant maladies strike wisdom’s core

And challenge what is with rehearsed eloquence

O how weave they words, from aft to fore

Whence counterfeits life’s pre-framed quintessence

Let not unreason grace the victor’s pride

Fool’s gold abound to conquer and divide


Love and Logic

O can one a character read as clear

As a book from cover to cover read?

Nay! For Jeckyls and Hydes roam far and near

Poker-faced goody-goodies who dread spread.

More when rough is the road to redemption

And by the lonesome combat foes unseen

Thick are the trials as thick is the action

Where but all-season friends will hock their spleen

Yet their percentage’s rare as summer show’r

And luck smiles sweet’st when one scores more than one

For shameless sham ones, like wild weeds gather

Where lies the fertile earth, and then puff—gone!

To perceive true friends, heart and mind must meet

It takes love and logic t’ unmask a cheat

Realm of Dreams

Then can I be

from the river Lethe

quite far

like my far away star?

For though I would

this episode dismember

from my wholeness

fear reigns

that saline liquid

will well

from eyes askance

And what good will severance do

when I cannot this alchemy contain?

O to sleep without your image

is a luxury of the mind

and is but wishful reverie

For you are

beyond the realm of my dreams

beyond the imagery of my logic

beyond the boundaries of time

beyond forgetting


Here’s a sonnet composed for friends of long time ago whom I surely miss. Wherever you are, dear friends of mine, your names are always lifted up to our one Lord and Master. Hope that one day, we will meet to reminisce events of joy and gaiety.
T’is true that friends are a dime a dozen 

For bright-feathered ones come and go as th’ wind

But heart-sculpt’d alliance flows deep, though frozen

By time and space in life’s alter-prone grind 

Yea, like a weather-worn weeping willow 

The core freshened more by nature’s test’ care

Fine-tuned friendship defies luck’s ebb and flow 

E’er in constancy cadenced, fore’er fair

Then finds one, nil synthetic affection 

In rapports twist trust-lad’n alter-egos

In an orb of sham and shameless fashion 

As triumphs e’er, accord that giddily flows

     Behold warmth and care’s unthrifty grooming 

     In a serpentine sphere where sly is zooming
                    “Heart-sculpt’d Alliance ”                        

Merry Christmas 

It’s that time of the year 

When carols fill the air 

And people gift and share 

And greet each other with cheer 
It’s the True Vine’s holiday 

To remind us of His glory 

This is His love story 

…Of the ransom He has to pay!
Christ loved us far and wide 

For His concern is our redemption 

As from sin we sought no incision 

And we fell by the wayside 
Yet with His blood we were set free 

To love with heart, soul and spirit

To seek pathways and increase merit

To be with Him for all eternity 
And so greet one and all with joy

Shout “Merry Christmas ” loud and clear

Add “Have a great Happy New Year”

There’ll be blessings for us to enjoy

Chaling. Isang kasaysayan ng kalinga


Wala pang dantaon nang siya’y isinilang

ika-lima sa mga supling na walo ang bilang

Chaling ang kanyang palayaw

At siya’y di laki sa layaw

Ang ina niya’y mahigpit

Higit sa inirog na hulog sana ng langit

Kaya’t napaglipasan ng panahon

kahi’t sa hirap ay umahon

Gitnang Buhay

At uminog ang kanyang buhay

Sa pag-aaruga ng mga bagong uhay

Na di galing sa kanyang sinapupunan

nguni’t matiyaga niyang inalagaan

Ang bilang nito’y mga bituin

Sa pusikit na langit mandin

Mga batang kanyang kinalinga

Hanggang magdalaga’t magbinata

Pagmamahal niya’y ibinuhos

sa dumaan sa kanyang mga musmos

Ang kapangyarihan ng pag-ibig

Sa puso galing, di sa bibig

At ito’y¬† nag-uumapaw na wagas

Tunay na ginintuang hiyas

Na kumikinang maging sa dilim

Tiyak magbubunga ang kanyang itinanim

Magbago man ang ihip ng langit

May wagayway ang mga dahong agaw-pansin

May gintong silahis ang bagong umaga

May ngiti sa kanyang mga mata

Bagong Nakaraan

Sa kanyang pag-iisa

Ramdam niya’y lungkot at saya

Pagka’t sa kanya’y kumalinga

kadugong di niya inaruga

Taos-puso niyang tinanggap

at patuloy siyang nangarap

Na ang kanyang mga minahal

Sa buhay ay nagtatanghal

At sa gitna ng mga gawaing bunton

Inaalala pa rin nila ang kahapon

Nasa malayo man o malapit

Dama ang kanyang pagmamalasakit


Ang buhay nga’y masalimuot

Di naman nabaon sa limot

Kabutihang kanyang nagawa

Sa kaanak at sa kapuwa

Pagka’t biglang napigtas ang pisi

At naging isa ang saling-lahi

Lahat ay nagtulong-tulong

Kahi’t luha sa mata’y bumabalong

Kay ganda ng kanyang huling paalam

Pagmamahal niya’y muling ninamnam


Sa mga kasabayan mo

Chaling ang bansag sa iyo

Sa amin, ika’y aming Tita Yay

Ala-ala mo’y puno ng buhay

Hanggang sa muling pagkikita

Mananatili ka sa aming gunita

Sa iyong pagbabalik sa alabok

Ika’y nakasulit na sa pagsubok

Ng mahabaging Poong Maykapal

At sa langit, kami’y iyong ipagdasal

The Flight of Hours

If only I can make the sun

Stop right on its track

And suspend the flight of hours

But I know I cannot

so I can only wish

For the minutes to move slower

When I am with you

Then love’s enjoyment

will seem longer

As we fill our senses

With untold delight


You are the wind

that caresses my very soul

the dawn that gives glitter to my eyes

the dusk that opens up the curtain

and presents the stellar knights

of the celestial nights

You are the dream

in the innermost recesses of my mind

the treasure of a rarest find

that’s one of a kind

You are the bird

that wings in the air

and sings my song of joy with flair

You are the fragrance of flowers

that sweetens my world of reveries

the Muse in the myths of my thoughts

the seasons that complete my being

my sole reason for being

You are the sanctuary

of my dreams and desires

the lines that portray my rhythm and rhyme

the thrill of my senses

the essence of my existence

let me cherish you

in my memories one final time

before i sail into the sunset…


The Elysian Fields

(Tribute to Tita Yay)

And Atropos’ sharp shear severed

Your Life’s long limp thread

Yet though our eyes well

In memories we dwell

As we savour the swell

Not of farewell

Of your love’s legacy

Tita Yay

caring, tender-loving Tita Yay

sweet, gentle, obliging Tita Yay

With gilded wings, soar high

up in the sky

And Zephyr’s breath will lead you

To where Seraphs and Cherubs will greet you

——-the Elysian Fields!

Daily Prompt: Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon. And the changing seasons

saw our love made stronger

By yet an unspeakable force

Of something more than

synchronized affection

I can never tally

All our beautIful moments

Under the sun

Under the moon

Under the stars

Whispering sweet nothings

that meant for us a lot of things

Because we knew the sun

We knew the moon

We knew the stars

as we have come to know each other

through all these gentle years